2013 Syrah Release Is Here At Last! March 15 2015

2014 Harvest has finally come to an end... November 06 2014

After about 60 consecutive Mondays, there is finally a Friday, a real, live Friday to wrap my head around today. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my days off but I can guarantee that it won't be a whole heck of a lot. For the third consecutive year we can all say around the Napa Valley that the vintage was likely a great success. 

It was an odd year, with very location specific ripening events that made picking decisions much more challenging than they were for most winemakers in 2012 and 2013. At Las Madres we picked a full three weeks earlier than we did last year, and it looks as though we are going to end up with an incredibly nice, vibrant wine (or two) that should challenge 2013 in quality. As a winemaker, it will be interesting to see what the early pick and lower alcohol/higher acid combination will do to the fruit. I know that John at the vineyard has been pushing for some of us to try this style of wine, and after taking what amounted to the final vineyard walk of the season we decided that September 23rd was the day to go ahead and bring it in to the brand new facility we're crushing at this year.

The already beautiful Syrah from Carneros was aided by brand new, top of the line equipment to kick out all of the shot berries and other undesirable elements that can sometimes be found in the vineyard. With a little bit extra fruit to play with, we decided to separate some of the lower block fruit and and do a 100% whole cluster bin. We're so happy with it that it very well may end up in its own unique bottle. Up next for us is an eye towards getting 2013 into bottle after its long road, and then finally a little bit of rest and relaxation as winter rolls in...